Become a Partner

The CNY Diaper Bank is based on the model of a food bank, working with local human service organizations to get diapers to families in need. We will reach many more families in need by distributing through a network of agencies.  It is our goal to work with more agencies as our capacity grows.  If you'd like to become a partner agency, please fill out the form below and we will contact you when we are ready to expand our network.

In the meantime, we encourage you to learn about's "Community Diaper Program" at  All 501(c)(3)'s are eligible to enroll in this program which allows non profits to purchase economy size packs of diapers for as little as $.10/diaper!  

The CNY Diaper Bank is a member of the program and it allows us to purchase diapers at the lowest possible price with the funds we raise.  It is simple to enroll and once accepted, you can order the bulk boxes at the discounted price with FREE 2-day shipping.  

It is so important that we find ways to make diapers affordable for low-income families and this program is helping non-profits to do that.  If you do not have the funds to purchase diapers to have on hand, we encourage you to examine your budgets and see if adjustments can be made.  It would also be possible for you to purchase the diapers up front and then cover your costs by making them available to the clients you serve at or below cost.  This way--you are passing on the discount to families who need it most and encouraging self sufficiency.  

If accepted as a Partner Agency to the CNY Diaper Bank, you will receive 50 diapers/child per month.  This is not a month-long supply but it will no doubt help families and take some of the pressure off by freeing up some of their limited resources.  We encourage you to take advantage of the "Community Diaper Program" to supplement what we are able to provide. Please apply.